The latest skincare hero - Hemp

Did you know? Wednesday is regarded as ‘Hump Day’ and we know it can get tough to get through a working week. To brighten the middle of your week add a touch of hemp in your skincare routine and get over the hump, to glide to a fun weekend! Hemp has become quite popular in recent times as people are realising it’s benefits of which they were unaware due to the stigma that hemp causes intoxication as it comes from the family of the Cannabis (marijuana) plant. Hemp seeds as well have a lot of health benefits and can help improve skin and hair condition. 


To simply put – Hemp comes from the cannabis sativa plant which has a very low amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the primary psychoactive constituent in marijuana. So the only ‘high’ you’ll experience with its use in your skincare is the high quality results of your skin. Growing hemp is also proven to be very sustainable since it is very persistent, consumes way less water than the other crops and can be used in a number of products like clothing, soaps, cosmetics, printer’s ink, etc. 


Hemp seed oil is your skin’s best friend. It reduces inflammation of the skin plus moisturizes it without clogging pores. The topical hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the plant by cold pressing technique and is rich in omega fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil is also proven to have anti-aging benefits. You can apply the oil on your skin like any other essential oil to experience the magic. There is a reason why Hemp seed oil has become the ‘IT’ girl of the beauty community and we are all for it! 

 A leader in Hemp products – Bombay Hemp company popularly known as BOHECO offers quite the range of products right from personal care, wellness, nutrition, textiles, etc. If you are someone who loves beau(tea) as much as we do, we have the right products from trusted brands that you can try and set for yourself a hemp induced skincare and personal care routine.

Is Hemp Legal ?

Regulated industrial hemp plants in India contain primarily CBD and its extracts usually contain less than 0.3% THC, which does not give you a “high”. Supply is controlled by the government, with only a handful of companies having an Ayush licence to manufacture hemp that’s supplied to retailers.

According to the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance ( NDPS ) Act, consumption of the fruit and flower of cannabis is illegal. However the use of seeds , leaver and stems is completely legal and safe.

Say bye bye to pores with the Hemp face serum which also reduces dark spots and breakouts to give you the skin you deserve! The Hemp oil in it helps reduce aging signs while deeply nourishing the skin.

Himalyan Hemp Seed Oil from BOHECO

The hemp seed oil has two-fold advantages! You can use it to enrich the food and also to nutrify your skin and hair! A drizzle of the oil on your meals, will give you a boost of energy and even benefit the gut health! What’s great is that it helps in improving your brain abilities and aids revitalize the skin too!

The Hemp Chapter - Face Serum

Rustic Art Cinnamon Rosemary Shampoo Butter with Hemp

Hair fall problems? Here is the solution. An innovative product, the Cinnamon Rosemary shampoo butter with Hemp helps fight hair fall. It nourishes the scalp and uses less amount of water, now isn’t this a winner?

Nourishing Sleep Oil from Aminu


A calming and soothing oil made to increase the secretion of ß-endorphins, it helps promote skin healing. Use this in your routine after your serum to lock in the hydration and get the glow!

Hemp Seed Oil Cold Pressed from Bubblefarm

Light and  non-greasy formula, this hemp seed oil works for all skin types. You can use this on the skin, hair, in DIY skincare formulations to regenerate your skin and look healthy.

Hemp + Vitamin E Purifying Mask from Daughter Earth

Get the effect of a facial within minutes with the hemp + Vitamin E mask. Packed with goodness of the two undoubtedly wonderful skin benefactors, it helps nourish and remove dirt and oil for a glowing look.

Now is the time to incorporate the magical herb Hemp in your skincare routine.