A Simple and Easy Life

Well talking apart from the question , if you are a fan of the film – The Breakfast club? What we really want to know is – are you as big on breakfasts as we are? Well, breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, why? Simply because it can make or break your day at work. Trust us, a good breakfast makes all the difference!

While all of this is true, it can be a task to get up early in the morning, make a whole meal for breakfast, pack it, get ready for work, and the hundred little chores to do in between. For this very reason, a lot of brands have come up with ready-to-eat breakfast packets. Poha, Upma, Dosa, Idli, Pancakes, cereals – oh the options have become endless! These sorts of breakfasts are an angel-in-disguise especially for people who live ‘The Hostel-life’. 

We bring to you some lip-smacking options, from Homegrown Brands. We can assure you these ready-to-eat breakfast options will not only keep your tummy but your overall health happy, contrary to the popular belief that ready-to-eat is not a healthy option! Check them out to make your life easier.


1. Oatmeal Italiano from True Elements:

Oatmeal is a winner when it comes to breakfast as it is high in fibre and complex carbohydrates which helps in maintaining energy. This Italian twist to the traditional oatmeal will fulfil your cravings for a savoury delight.

2. Chocolate Pancake Mix from True Elements:

Who would not love some pancakes for breakfast and especially when they are not made from Maida! A healthy yet delicious start to the morning, it is super easy to prepare and will make you happy from within.

3.Dosa Mix from Conscious Food :

South Indian food is food for the soul. If you want to ‘Breakfast like a king’ , this dosa mix is just the right option for you. A rich source of carbohydrate, it will provide you the required energy to get through the day.

4.Upma Mix from Conscious Food:

A savoury breakfast, rich in carbohydrates and protein, Upma is a traditional staple breakfast. Add some veggies to this and you have a power packed meal that is tasty and filling

5.Granola Jumbo Rolled Oats (Cranberry) from Praakritik:

The combination of granola, oats and berries gives you a high protein and fibre meal. Just add this to a bowl of milk for a kickstart. The perfect healthy and nutritious breakfast which you can carry anywhere.

Weren’t these ready-to-eat breakfast mixes tempting? If you stay hooked to us at Newesome, we assure you, you are in for a treat!