The Favourites | By you, For you !

We said goodbye to 2021 with utmost gratitude-filled in our hearts for the support and love that our community of readers, consumers, and brands have shown! At Newesome we always aim to simplify discovering with every swipe. You can find tons of new products from some of the finest brands without having to spend hours on websites and blogs. What’s the catch? You will find some great deals and discounts on the products with our coupons! What’s in it for us? The happiness on your face and a little income to drive our team of hardworking people. 

The year 2021 saw the rise of D2C brands due to ever-increasing demand. We picked out brands that had a story to relate to and products to die for so we could create a platform for our shoppers to explore, try and buy. For those of you who are new here – we welcome you to the journey of discovery!

In today’s issue, we will be listing the top 8 brands of 2021 that have been your favorite this year based on your feedback, website traffic, and purchases.

1. Almitra Sustainables :

A lifestyle brand that revolves around sustainability and has a wide range of products for kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, personal care, etc. If you are a No Plastic Fan, then this is the Brand for you.

2. The True South Company:

A coffee brand with authentic south Indian coffee from the fields of Chikmanglur and Coorg. We had some tastiest coffee with True South.

3.Volt Home :

A home care brand for sustainable cleaning products, their unique products like the fragrance boosters are an upgrade to lifestyle. We call them the Beads of Happiness.


Healthy food is tasty and Eatopia proves it right with their honey. honey jam and nut pops which are the perfect snacking alternatives. We love this brand for how honest they are about the ingredients in each of their products.

5.The Infused Kettle:

A tea brand that can turn a coffee lover into a tea person, their tea flavors are to die for. Green tea, white tea, black tea they have it all. We love the variety that they have for all the tea lovers.

6.Unsweetened Beauty:

In the ever-booming beauty industry, it is tough to find products that actually work. Their moisturizer in serum is a hit in the market. We love how this product is made keeping in mind the Indian Skin.

7.Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha:

An Ayurvedic brand that provides various products inspired by ancient wellness concoctions. One thing this pandemic has taught is how important it is to take care of your inner health. The products are made using the magic of Ayurveda which has done wonders for people.

8.Pagal Awwrat:

For all our ladies, be fierce, passionate, curious, sensitive, strong, badass, loving or anything you want, Pagal Awwrat has products for all your moods and nature.

Weren’t these ready-to-eat breakfast mixes tempting? If you stay hooked to us at Newesome, we assure you, you are in for a treat!