This week, at Newesome we are thankful for our readers and the love we have received especially for our discovery boxes.

Our discovery boxes serve more than one purpose and not just for the brands but for the consumers as well. The discovery box is a way for the consumers to try products they have never before without burning holes in their pockets and for the brands to get feedback on their products. Think of it as a trial box! Who would not love that right? With our discovery boxes, you no longer have to fear spending your precious dime on a product you eventually don’t end up using. This will ensure you buy only what you like and what you need. See? Isn’t this a win-win?

We endorse eating right and clean which does not mean you have to consume tasteless boring food. All we are saying is tasty food can be healthy as well! Read on further for proof.

1. Tulsi flowers Honey from Eatopia:

Did you know? Honey is used as a natural sweetener by most of the people these days. We all are aware of the consequences of consuming extreme sugar. Instead including honey in your diet is beneficial. What’s more interesting about Tulsi flowers honey from Eatopia? It comes from beehives placed among tulsi flowers instead of infusing tulsi flavors in the honey.What’s more? These roasted super snacks can also serve as a perfect evening snack as they are made with healthy ingredients that meet all your dietary needs

2.Rum Flavored Tea from The Infused Kettle:

With a very interesting take on tea, this tea from the Infused Kettle contains the flavor of rum to add a little fun to your normal Black tea. A non-alcoholic drink that is high in anti-oxidants and good for health. Sweet in taste and delightful in aroma it leaves you with an experience to remember!

3. Litchi Flowers Honey from Eatopia:

Another great flavor of Honey by Eatopia, the Litchi flowers honey has a fruity fragrance and a floral high note of the Litchi flowers. The honey is prepared from Litchi flowers picked from the Kashmir valley and it helps relieving fatigue. The honey can be used to make a boring bowl Muesli interesting!

4. Anti Hangover Tea from The Infused Kettle:

Had a Long fun weekend? Not ready to hit work this Monday? The Anti Hangover tea from The Infused Kettle has got you covered. This will not only cure hangovers but also relieve your headache. Consisting of Oolong tea, ashwagandha it’s the perfect call to your cry!

5. Milk Masala Premix from Paushtik:

Masala Milk has been enjoyed by Indians since years. With the Milk Masala Premix from Paushtik you do not have to do the tedious job of prepping all the ingredients instead just use this premix which by the way has all organic ingredients like almonds, green cardamom, pista, saffron and nutmeg powder.

5.Dal Chutney Powder from Pudi Ruchi:

Made from four different types of lentils, the dal chutney powder is the perfect accompaniment to any meal for that extra taste. The secret of the South Indian cuisine from yesteryears, this condiment keeps you in good health as a good amount of protein is derived from the lentils. Enjoy this mixture of split pigeon peas (toor dal), split chickpeas (chana dal), petite yellow lentils (mung dal) and split black gram (urad dal).

The best thing is you can try out these products with our Eat It Right! discovery box.