Coffee Flavors you can't miss to try

Hello there Newesome readers! Time to ‘Rise and Grind’. A little birdie told us that the way into our readers’ hearts is to find them good coffee. A good cup of coffee makes all the difference right? Imagine having that ‘good cup of coffee’ with your favourite tasting notes – vanilla, orange, almond, mint, hazelnut, now wouldn’t that be the perfect start to the day! We bring you some unique, tempting and out-of this world, flavours of coffee to accentuate your coffee drinking experience.  

The way coffee blends with so many of the flavours is truly fascinating. From every coffee bean that is roasted, to the region where the beans are picked from is very important to make your end experience of coffee wonderful. While a lot of flavoured coffees in the market use creamers, syrups, and sugar to add flavour to the coffee , there are some brands who infuse flavour from natural sources in their blends which gives it the authentic taste and aroma. There is an added advantage here – coffee in itself has a number of benefits which our readers might be quite aware of! 

For our coffee lovers, we have cherry picked coffee flavours that are unique, natural, healthy and refreshing for the body as well as soul.

1.Bavarian Mint Instant Coffee from The Wandering Bean :

Made from the highest quality Arabica and Robusta beans, this minty flavoured instant coffee hits the right spots especially for ‘After 8’ mint lovers. Hand-crafted with passion and packed with love, it has no added sugar and a shelf life of 365 days. For people who don’t like the process of brewing , this Instant coffee makes for the perfect option! 

2.Anitya from Kali:

From the fields of Tamil Nadu, this interesting flavour with notes of citrusy lemon, dry berry, roasted almond, and caramel called Anitya from Kali Coffee makes for an enjoyable experience. This medium roast coffee blend is rich in flavour and can be brewed using any method you like.

3.Ratnagiri Estate Washed Process from Corridor Seven :

A 100% Arabica blend, made with the washed process – the Ratnagiri Estate coffee is a fruity flavour that combines the tastes of Plum , Brown Sugar and Green Apple for a punch packed coffee experience. The coffee can be enjoyed as an espresso or a pour-over + inverted aeropress brew.

4.Hidden Falls Estate from Indian Bean. Co :

With the tasting notes of raisins, apricot, jam and berry – The Hidden Falls Estate blend is like a pleasant surprise in a box. Made with an all natural process, this medium light roast is quite exciting! The cherries were picked at full ripeness to enhance the fruity flavour and bring out the sweetness.

5.Mysore Nugget Extra Bold from Bili Hu :

One of India’s treasure coffee, the Mysore Nugget Extra bold is a gourmet coffee. Made from Arabica beans, it has the lingering aftertaste of spices and chocolate. This medium roast is perfect for a home espresso. It comes in various grind sizes to cater to your brewing methods. 

Enjoy more of this refreshing content every Friday. Come discover brands with us –  Love, Newesome!