Check Out These Brands!

You can discover some awe-some brands that are making a mark in the market with us! Consumers today are smart and thoughtful, hence, brands have leveled up with the help of direct interaction with their consumers leading them to create more personalized products. In all, we believe this ecosystem is here to thrive and we could not be happier to be contributing to a part of it.  

  Spot the brands that are taking over the D2C space with their products! 

1. Love Kaapi :

Love Kaapi brings the essence of true filter coffee from the fields of South India. They have two blends of coffee – Duo and Trio. These blends will make you forget instant coffee. You can enjoy the coffee hot or cold and even use these blends in desserts like espresso panna cotta or affogato. The most convenient part is you can use these blends to make the decoction using any of the favorable methods be it french press, aero-press, or pour-over.

2. Nakoda Gheetel :

An authentic ghee and oil brand made with love, Nakoda Gheetel makes A-class edible oils and pure ghee with traditional methods. Their products are packed with nutrition and are the perfect companion for your food. With no compromise in quality, they provide products that are your daily source of healthy fats and energy. They have a wide range of products right from cow ghee, groundnut oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil and many more.

3.Aminu :

Aminu is a self-care brand that has products for the face and body like cleansers, exfoliators, masks, oils, etc. Made with ingredients from nature and the use of science, their products are wonderfully curated for all skin types. A true luxury experience for your face and body, it has the essence of ancient beauty secrets and the power of modern beauty science. Their products are vegan and dermatologically tested.

4.Iluvia Professional:

Iluvia Professional is an extensive self-care brand with professional haircare products. It is a promising brand with state-of-the-art technology to meet the consumer needs of today. You will find haircare, skincare and luxury bathrobes here that are high in quality and low in price. Their step to eco-consciousness definitely makes it a brand to lookout for!


A very cute stationery and gifting brand, Oasis has everything for you and your little kid. Right from personalized stationery kits, crayons, envelopes, birthday books, wall art, it offers a wide range of products. Now you don’t have to worry about gifts or return gifts as this brand is a one-stop-shop for the perfect items. 

For our readers, watch this space for some exciting launches this month! Discover more with Newesome.