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For us Indians, tea time is quite sacred. Be it in the morning or evening, tea time is that hour of the day which helps us to connect to our friends or family or even spend some me-time. It goes without saying that our tea time is always accompanied by indulgent snacks without which it almost feels incomplete. 

Today we bring you the ‘Tea Time Discovery box’, a hand-fully curated pack of teas, honey and snacks that will beat the blues and refresh you. For anyone who didn’t know, (are you living under a rock?) our discovery boxes are extremely loved as they offer a way for you to try and test different products at a mind-blowing price. We have curated over 5 discovery boxes with trials from amazing brands till now! 

The Tea Time Discovery box caters to the likes of everyone as it includes products that are not only healthy but quite tasty and refreshing to the buds. Let’s take a look at what awaits in the box and make your tea time a session of care and fun along with us.

1. Chamomile Citrus Mint Tea from Chumta Tea :

Play around the streets with neutral pant suits or bright coloured dresses from Megasa. You can make your workplace your ramp as well with their collection of really cool bottoms, jackets, shirts, or co-ords.  The brand is based out of Jaipur and focuses towards sustainable fashion. 

2. Classic Premium Honey from Beelicious:

Carefully selected from exquisite lands like Himachal, Jammu and other parts of Northern India, the Classic Premium Honey from Beelicious has been personally hand-picked for you. This honey has no added sugar and is 100% organic. The Classic Premium Honey is full of antioxidants and can be added to your tea for health benefits. 

3.Full-sized Ready to Cook Millet Upma Mix from Lite Fresh :

Upma is one of the favourite snacks/breakfasts of Indians. With Millet Upma from Lite Fresh, you don’t have to worry about nutrition and health because millets are superfoods that are good for your body. Millet Upma is gluten-free, made from natural ingredients ready to cook. Find yourself indulging in a nutritious dish during tea time. 

4.Peach Iced Tea from Chumta Tea :

Who doesn’t love a classic Peach Iced Tea? Switch to the Peach Iced tea from New Chumta Tea that is made from natural ingredients and can be consumed with honey to give your health a boost. Discover the fruitiness of Peach in an enduring combination. Beat the heat with a cooling drink! 

5.Roasted Jowar Puffs from Eatopia :

The Jowar Puffs from Eatopia are extremely delicious, gluten-free, healthy & vegan. They make for a reliable fitness partner as they contain protein and fibre and are not fried but baked. These puffs are so good you’ll forget fries and chips. Make your tea time tasty and healthy with Jowar Puffs. 

Discover more such brands with Newesome and keep trying and testing with our discovery boxes!