Why should girls have all the fun?

We define a metrosexual as someone who really takes care of themselves in terms of grooming and style. There is nothing wrong with that. As you age, it’s quite important to pay attention to how you look and to take steps towards ensuring that you stay happy with how you look. And grooming, whether you just use a moisturizer or go the whole hog at a salon, can make that much-needed difference.

TO ALL THE MEN OUT THERE – This week, we have you covered with all of your styling and grooming needs and bring to you some of the best offerings from Indian D2C brands.

1.The Six Bravo:

The centrepiece of every classic formal ensemble, the necktie gives that extra hint of character to an attire and a glimpse into a man’s personality and individuality. The Six Bravo makes exquisite handmade tie by blending its contemporary aesthetics with India’s finest artisanal silk; creating a signature style for those who make a bold statement wherever they go. Buy this wardrobe essential today!


While in the US, Pritika Mehta, Founder of SockSoho constantly observed how fashion was easily accessible to not only women but to men as well. This made her wonder why no homegrown brand in India is catering to the needs of the 21st century men. And it is with this inquisitiveness that SockSoho was born. SockSoho socks are made with the most premium quality Combed Cotton and Scottish Lisle Cotton with anti-bacterial properties to give your feet the softness and comfort it deserves. The elastic used in SockSoho socks is made with special technology so that it increases blood circulation and keeps your feet intact without making you feel tight.


FLY is a leading brand triumphantly preserving its stronghold in the travel luggage industry in India. They supply an expanding field of travel bags and cases with an intent to eradicate the travelling challenges that come with packing and unpacking. FLY offers a variety of luggage that is devised to make your travel days stress-free and enjoyable! Be it for business or leisure, you will find your perfect travel companion at reasonable prices.

4.India Grooming Club:

There are men who settle for nothing but the finest and perfection is a habit for this rare species. India Grooming Club is a men’s grooming brand that provides not just grooming products, but also the promise of sprucing up a whole generation of gentlemen. They curate and test each of their products individually before putting out in the market. They are known for their high-quality luxury grooming essentials such as shaving care, skin, bath, body and beard products that make daily mundane tasks a luxurious affair.

5.Corridor Seven:

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters is a concept coming out of passion, where they don’t just make coffee but LIVE with it. They empower the Indian Coffee Farmers with a no middle-men approach and source directly from them. At Corridor Seven every Coffee is cupped and graded after roasting

6.Haber Living:

Haber is here to revolutionise what was so far considered basic and ordinary. They use eco conscious dyes with high quality raw material combined with superior craftsmanship, international styling and design or functionality that’s unrivalled, at prices that are affordable.

Gone are the days when the woman would shop for the man in the replenishment way because she knew his size. Now the man is shopping for himself.” We are sure the newness and excitement on Newesome will be driving men to shop more often.