Let's plan your next House Party !

The unfortunately forced hiatus that pushed us to stay at home and involuntarily away from our friends is finally coming to an end. And with that, we can resume our favourite “House Party” – The ultimate form of social gathering.
If you’re planning to host a party, you’re probably aware that there is plenty of organising to be done. To get you better prepared, here are a few D2C brands that can help you throw a memorable house party.


Tired of spending too much time behind the bar making those simple but better drinks than the ones with Tetra juices and carbonated sodas, Rakesh Sheth – Founder of & Stirred launched the simplest and most convenient way of making perfect cocktails. Anytime, Anywhere. &Stirred offers Cocktail Mix, Mocktail Mix, Rimmers (Unique blend to dress the Rim of your glass) and Cocktail Drops (Flavourful blend of aromatic ingredients)


Bar Box is perfect for amateur mixologist and professional bartenders alike, it has everything you need to concoct a glass of your favourite Cocktail. The outbreak of the pandemic and strict lockdowns transitioned the brand into a problem solver when BAR BOX became the go-to partner of every home bound individual looking for new ways to unwind. They include more than thirty different bartending kits, tools, and cocktail accessories designed for specific occasions and spirits.

Cards vs Sanskaar:

The quintessential Indian party game, Cards vs Sanskaar is a cocktail of dark jokes and wise-cracks on current affairs – from Society and Politics to Bollywood, you’ll find a bit of our culture in all the cards. 392 cards, professionally printed on 300GSM card paper, coated with fanning powder and lots of love for easy shuffling. Packed in a hard box that can take a beating or two on the wilder nights.


Artinci make sugar free keto friendly products including ice creams, cookies, cheesecakes,brownies, chocolate bars, Indian sweets and celebration cakes. They serve diabetic, diet focused and people who are conscious about the ingredients in their food and spoil them for choice in desserts.

Evolve Snacks:

No party is complete without tasty bittings ! Evolve snacks aims at serving you with healthy snacks – and they are equally tasty too. Flavored seeds, fox nuts, dry fruits, fruit chips, veggie chips… the list is exhaustive, and extremely delicious.