Homegrown Brands winning hearts in the Street Fashion

A major part of the youth fashion culture is street style as opposed to mainstream fashion. It is super cool that one can wear their most comfortable pair of jeans with a plaid shirt or maybe just wear a comfy oversized tee with a cute skirt and you are ready to walk the streets like it’s your runway! It is definitely fascinating to see a lot of brands coming up with cool sweat’s fashion to help us nail our street style game all while putting minimum to no effort because hellooo?! Fashion = Comfort, isn’t it? 

In India, street style has taken a grip with its influence from the west. What street style essentially stands for is – style that personifies you! India being diverse in nature, you can actually pick up a lot of street style fashion inspiration from the people on the streets here, go to a party, an art gallery opening, festivals and you’ll find a lot of fashion going around. Infact, India very well counters the misconception that only money can buy a sense of style. 

Street style is such a game-changer in fashion as it challenges ‘Fast fashion’ due to which people end up buying unnecessary clothing just to keep up with trends. The upside here is that you can use literally anything from your wardrobe and make it look fashionable, yes! Even the divider skirt you used to wear for your Tennis practices. 

Want some inspo for SS ‘22? We got just the places to look at for you!

1. Megasa :

Play around the streets with neutral pant suits or bright coloured dresses from Megasa. You can make your workplace your ramp as well with their collection of really cool bottoms, jackets, shirts, or co-ords.  The brand is based out of Jaipur and focuses towards sustainable fashion. 

2. Auruhfy:

Sarees are such a contemporary element of Indian fashion. Auruhfy gives a unique touch to the Indian pieces of clothing which make them very trendy yet something one would wear for a visit to the mall or a casual lunch with friends. 

3.Qwirk Store :

Who said a Tshirt and a pair of jeans can’t be fashionable? Our Bollywood celebs are a living example for the same. The Qwirk store offers a really cool range of t-shirts and sweatshirts that you can style with jeans, skirts, shorts, etc.


A quick run to the grocery store doesn’t mean you have to look drab. Look cute with joggers, hoodies or even comfy co-ords from Bushirt and get those Insta snaps because why not? Bushirt has a wide range of collections to up your basic fashion. 

5.Be You by Sejal Dharia:

Bags are such a statement piece plus they give you the space to keep your things. The bags from Be You by Sejal Dharia will accompany you to the streets so you can keep it chic, elegant and fashionable. 

We hope you loved our street style fashion inspo! We have such more amazing brands on Newesome for you to discover.