Busted! 8 skin care beliefs that are just myths

Oh you have fallen for some of these and we don’t blame you! In a world where people walk around like self proclaimed professionals, it can be easy to fall prey to some of the beliefs that people have that might not be entirely true. Remember when you applied some toothpaste on your acne in the hope that it will somehow be gone the next morning? Well, so many of such practices have been carried on since ages that are nothing but myths.

Skin care is an important part of our lives, especially now since we face the wrath of ever increasing pollution, extreme climate conditions and not-so-healthy eating habits. While you do not have to necessarily do a 10 step long skin care routine, following the scientifically logical and proven steps can go a long way. They say drinking lots of water makes the skin better, while that is not entirely true, drinking water is essential for overall health and there is no reason why you should not be drinking lots of water right? So go have a glass right now and let’s bust ‘em together.

1. Higher the SPF, more the protection :

To be honest, it does not matter Karen! There is only a little difference in how much protection SPF 30 and SPF 50 will provide your skin from the sun considering the huge difference of the amount you pay. Moreover, SPF level is only a measure of how much protection you will get from the sun’s UVB rays. What’s important is to get a sunscreen which mentions that it provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Because, in reality, UVA rays are more damaging. Some of the UVA protection ingredients to look out for – zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, ecamsule, and oxybenzone.

2. Foaming cleansers work best :

This one is still marketed by a lot of brands who claim that their foaming cleansers are better for the skin especially for ace. Honestly, just because a product foams it does not mean it will do some kind of magic. Foaming cleansers usually have high pH and surfactants which make your skin alkaline and hence, can help the bacteria to breed on the skin causing more acne. While buying foaming cleansers especially for acne-prone skin ensure it has low pH or even better avoid it!

3.Regular use of makeup causes Acne :

Yes girls, what we were told when we were 10 trying some of our Mom’s lipstick and compact was not true! Using makeup does not lead to acne. However , not washing your face of makeup later and using products that are unhygienic or contaminated can cause you to break out. Therefore, it is important to use products that are trusted in the market and use makeup brushes and sponges that are cleaned properly!

4.Products with chemicals are bad for your skin:

Chemicals have suddenly become a villain in the skin care world even when, for years they gave out the desired results. While it is good to promote organic and all natural products, products with chemicals are not necessarily bad for your skin. What is important is to look out for the ingredients in them just like even in organic products it is quite important to check the ingredients

5.Toners are an absolutely essential part of a acne-prone skin care routine:

Actually toners are meant to cleanse the excess oil from the skin which is a function that a good gentle cleanser and water are enough for. So essentially, you are just adding an extra step and spending some extra few bucks. While we are not completely denying the benefits of toners, all we say is look for alcohol free ones so they don’t cause dryness and free-radical damage.

6.Acne or breakout happens only during teenage:

You can break out at any point in your life. While teen years are where you might experience acne and pimples quite a lot, even in your adult life you might get acne incase of poor lifestyle, irregular eating habits, pollution, inadequate water intake, etc. Since acne is related to hormones at every stage of your life you are prone to it depending on your genes, bacteria, lifestyle, food habits, etc.

7.Burning sensation indicates the product is working:

While we are made to believe that burning or even a little tingling means that the product is working it is a myth. In fact if the product burns or irritates you it essentially means that your skin is too sensitive or the ingredients of the product do not suit your skin. If you feel the irritation or burning you should discontinue the product or else it might cause some reaction.

8.Expensive products guarantee results:

Skincare is subjective. A lot of products endorsed by people or which are hyped might not work out for you. It is a  myth that expensive products will ensure results because skincare is all about the formulation. Sometimes even a normal drugstore product can work wonders for your skin.

These were just a few of the numerous myths that exist! But guess what? With  more awareness and avid readers of Newesome like you, we can debunk them one by one!