THE DANGERS OF STANDARDIZATION : The Shoe that fits one, might pinch another!

It was with a renewed sense of vibrance and vigor that I started working out again. I quickly went back to my old fitness regime, heavyweights and a hardcore session. I admit I went a bit overboard in order to make up for the past one and half years’ sluggish and inactive life.
But, isn’t this how we generally conduct ourselves? Ruing over missed opportunities or making up for the lost time, we simply tend to overdo some things.A classic example is a rapid growth in consumption of Immunity Boosting Supplements and other health supplements during the ongoing pandemic. Vitamin Supplements’ sales figures are hitting the roof with scores of people resorting to easily available OTC products without any due diligence.

Everybody in the family irrespective of their prevailing conditions, and other vitals are consuming the same Vitamin pills/tabs of 500mg, 1000mg and so on. While the typical adult body needs and typically retains only 90-100mg of Vitamin (1) , the rest of it which cannot be absorbed by the body gets excreted. Some expensive S***, I tell you!


Understanding body diversity is critical to overall wellbeing as healthy looks different for everyone.
So, before popping a Vitamin or any other Health Supplement, it is better to check its Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). This concept of personalised health supplements is relatively new in India and Vitamins and Me is one such startup that has done extensive research on this niche subject 

Today, we shall debunk some more popular myths surrounding health supplements and also talk about this revolutionary offering from Vitamins and Me who has brought about a New Era of how we Indians consume our Health Supplements! What is “Hidden Hunger”? And whats is the need for health supplements?

There have been many systematic reviews of the Dietary intake in Urban India That show that eating habits in India primarily consist of energy-dense, but limited or low-nutrient and inexpensive foods that contribute to nutritional deficiencies. This micronutrient deficiency is widely known as “Hidden Hunger” and can be filled in by taking health supplements.

 How do I know the right intake quantity, whom can I consult before taking these supplements?

There are numerous health supplements available online and offline in India. However, it can sometimes get very overwhelming to decide precisely on what to take that satisfies your health needs and goals. Scientifically, it varies a lot on the micronutrient requirement of our body. Having identified this gap, Vitamins and Me have come up with a solution to offer PERSONALISED HEALTH SUPPLEMENT IN INDIA!

Below are the 3 most critical factors that you’d want to consider before making the buying decision:

– ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has issued certain guidelines and have recommended dosage limit. Anything which is within the recommended limit qualifies as a Health Supplement. Everything above the limit is identified as Drugs. Vitamins & Me is a team of nutritionists and health experts who follow ICMR guidelines and offers a personalised solution to every individual instead of giving out ready-made packages.

– Everyone’s path winds in different ways. Being cognizant of the fact that no two persons’ body demands are the same, they have created an algorithm that features a 15-point questionnaire for their customers. Upon further assessing the health goals, eating preferences, prevailing conditions, gender and age, they recommend the individuals on what micronutrients their body needs. You can take the FREE ASSESSMENT HERE.

– Unlike other supplement brands, Vitamins & Me recommends your personalised daily vitamin packs and provide you with single dosage pouches for 30 days that are strongly science-driven and supported by the data based on the Indian nutritional habits.

“I’d like to think of it as a SIP for a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about 500 or 1000 mg tab at once but the consistent & steady consumption of smaller dosages that my body readily absorbs.”  said Dr. Venkata Sudheer Makam, Founder & CEO of Winmak Nutrilabs which drives the brand Vitamins & Me.

Its said that “The shoe that fits one, might pinch another”. So, unless you plan to run away with it, you should GET YOUR OWN! Just like your own personalised health supplement.

Vitamins & Me will respond to you.



Disclaimer: The information above is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or other healthcare professional. Information and statements regarding supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or any government authority and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.