Some mind-blowing Tea flavours from Homegrown brands

One of the most desirable beverages especially for us Indians has to be a piping hot cup of Tea or let’s say Chai. Our mornings, evenings and sometimes 3 am nights are incomplete without it. While everyone has a different recipe of making their own cuppa, what remains common is the refreshment and satisfaction it brings to one’s mind and heart. A good Chai can make your mood when it hits the throat especially in winters when your body carves for the warmth.

Chai or Tea has a number of benefits which is why it has been a favourite companion for most people over the years. Since it has comparatively lesser caffeine content, tea is a much better option for people who want to cut down their caffeine intake.

So let’s take a look at some mind blowing flavours by Homegrown brands, shall we? Infact, why don’t you make a good cup of hot tea or iced tea and enjoy sipping while reading today’s edition which is all about tea!

1. Apple Cinnamon Green Tea by Infused Kettle:

Healthy tea doesn’t have to taste like bitter medicine; it can be refreshing and delicious as well. Loaded with antioxidants, a cup a day is said to flush out the toxins. This blend of Green Tea with dried Apples and Cinnamon can be your go-to warm winter drink. Brew this in the evenings to release your stress and feel the magic! For people who want to switch to a healthy lifestyle, this tea is your calling.

2. Spiced Turmeric Tea by Chayam:

A wellness tea which has an amazing flavour and 100% natural ingredients is the perfect alternative. The best part is you can have this hot or cold and you will equally love it. The spiced turmeric tea by Chayam blends Indian spices like cinnamon, clove, and black pepper with turmeric to give a refreshing flavour with citrusy undertones. This tea helps in improving digestion and immunity so clearly it’s a win-win!

3. Blue Pea Green Tea by Chumta:

For all those who love gorgeous coloured tea, this tea flavour is made just for you! A detoxifying and refreshing drink that is suitable in morning, evening or cold winters. Brew a hot cup of the Blue Pea by Chumta to energise your system the flavours of which will linger on your tongue. And talk about the benefits, well you know better! Rich and smooth with a distinctly floral aroma- it boosts of medicinal properties. The flavour is earthy and woody, more similar to a fine green tea. It is low on caffeine with an amazing royal blue colour.

4. Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Tea by Udyan:

Kahwa tea which is a traditional Kashmiri drink is a type of green tea which is very beneficial for people who want to increase the heat in their body especially in winters. Soothing yet delicious this tea has blends of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, almonds, saffron, rose petals and green tea leaves cherry picked from the finest gardens of Darjeeling. This tea is a mix of sweet and spicy ensuring every sip is bliss for you!

5. Lavender Rosemary Tea by The Tea Shelf:

A unique yet beautifully blended Lavender Rosemary tea by The Tea Shelf is perfect for a de-stressing. Also containing mint it refreshes and delights you with its bright orange floral tasting notes. Black tea infused with Lavender flakes, Rosemary and mint leaves it is rich in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory.  A hot cup of this tea will also help to induce sleep and boost your immunity.

Just like these amazing and unique brands of tea , you will discover a lot more with us on Newesome!