Plastic Who? Switch to sustainable packaging!

Ever been disappointed when you buy an amazing product with the tag ‘Sustainable’ only to end up receiving it wrapped in plastic? We get you! While most of the brands would agree that it is extremely difficult and costly to switch to a 100% sustainable packaging, we believe it’s the thought that matters. Switching to a no-plastic policy makes the consumers of today believe that the brand cares about the people and the environment.

Sustainability does not just mean use of eco-friendly materials but considering factors like reusability, recyclability, ecological impact, cost effectiveness, etc. While fast fashion might seem trending, it is rarely sustainable and as a gen-z you have to decide which direction you want go in! Just keep in mind sustainability is like long term happiness- difficult to achieve but here to stay. “A Good product is a sustainable product.”

For the smart and caring generation – these brands will make you believe that even one step towards sustainable products and packaging can make a huge difference!

1. Ziveli

Handcrafted with love, Ziveli offers very chic and attractive bags as well as baskets that are made of natural fibers. A tote, sling or a handbag – be it the city or the beach, you can style it anyhow you like it. Working with over 350 women artisans from different craft clusters in rural India, the brand runs the business around the rich craft and heritage of India. Their products are wrapped in jute, natural fibers or paper.

2. Kas

A designer footwear brand, started by a 20-year old, Kas is yet another brand to lookout for especially if you love Jutti’s. Combining modern techniques and traditional handcrafts, the brand believes in reusability of products as well as packaging. The products come in a very aesthetic velvet bag that can be used in a number of ways and is travel friendly. And guess what? You can customize your footwear and make it vegan!

3. Almitra sustainables

With a very simple and almost Utopian vision, Almitra sustainables is an earth conscious brand. The brand is plastic free and believes in zero waste. The products provided by the brand are a 100% sustainable. It is a complete lifestyle brand that offers bamboo toothbrushes, other personal care, bags, kitchen utensils and cleaning items made with eco-friendly material. With Almitra you can switch to a sustainable lifestyle – which seems like an impossible thing to achieve but is actually possible. Their products come wrapped in cloth with love!

4. TreeWear

A brand that ensures eco-friendly packaging and responsible production methods, TreeWear is a personal care brand that promotes ecological living. Their inner and outer packaging is made of sustainable materials like cardboard and paper which is recyclable. The products as well are made of natural ingredients ensuring zero-waste. And there’s a bonus! Every time you buy a product, the proceeds are contributed towards their own afforestation project within India.

5. Zvatra

We have all known the food industry to be a popular contributor to plastic packaging and plastic jars. But brands like Zvatra ensure that they not only use a recyclable and reusable glass jar for their high quality peanut butter but also ensure that the packaging and labelling is made up of biodegradable materials like cardboard and paper.

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