Looking for a Relaxed Weekend ? This Self Care Ritual will help you.

Many of us fall into the unfortunate cycle of attempting to finish everything on our schedule. Even though making time for yourself may seem difficult because of the week full of meetings and other demanding tasks, your commitment to self-care is one that will help you overcome such taxing moments. 

 To refuel your energy and refresh your mind this weekend, here are some self-care products you can try:

1.Calming Mousse Mask

These days lives are becoming increasingly stressful, leading to frequent breakouts. Such flare-ups occur majorly where our skin has the most oil glands like the face, chest, and even upper back and shoulders. Devote some time on weekends for your skincare regime and apply this Calming Mousse Mask from DoYou to freshen up your face and the week ahead. DoYou was born out of the need to uncomplicate beauty in the busy, over-worked lives of urban women.

2.Onion Hair Oil:

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you have already started stressing out thinking of the hectic week ahead. Relax! Release the stress with a nice head massage using this onion hair oil from Seer Secrets. This natural hair oil is free of harmful chemicals and toxins and provides treatment to your hair by releasing stress and preventing hair fall.

3.True South Coffee:

Yes, a hot cup of coffee is all you need to relax your body! Anxious about an upcoming project/business? Consider True South Coffee for some self-care. The beans are carefully sourced, roasted and then hand-packed in nitrogen-flushed bags to maintain freshness. True south is committed to sustainable and fair trade so that you can enjoy a cup of joe guilt-free! Try the ground beans or cold brew for the ultimate in relaxation without any caffeine buzzes.

4.Lavender Bath Salt:

Weekends are probably the best when it comes to having a relaxed and leisurely bath, pampering yourself to the core. Our idea of a relaxing bath consists of this exotic lavender bath salt from Ajna Organics known for its calm and soothing effect.

5.Herbal Tea:

This is not just your regular cup of tea! With such low caffeine and high antioxidants and flavonoids, this has to be everybody’s cup of tea. Herbal Tea (Wellness) from ECOCERT certified Conscious Food is the pioneer in India since 1990 and is a must-try!

What are your favorite ways to unwind and take some you-time?