Cracking The Best Skincare Routine Code

Skincare routines are a very personal thing. What works for one person may not work for someone else, which is why it’s so important to find your own best routine and stick with it.
We’ve compiled this list of the best tips and tricks for finding the perfect routine, as well as some of our favourite skincare products that you might not know about! The key to your perfect routine is just a few clicks away…

Your Daytime Skincare Routine

  1. Cleansing:

Cleanse, hydrate and treat twice a day is the key for a beautiful face. Cleansing the skin is one way to help reduce breakouts and maintain the condition of your skin.

There are so many different cleansing agents available out there, but most of them are too harsh for the face. So in order to avoid that we recommend you to use Skin Detox Mask from Earthy Blend( Ojas ).

We have done a lot of research to find the best ingredients for your skin. The ingredients in this formula are completely natural and have been proven to be safe and effective. They are also gentle on your skin, so you don’t need to worry about side effects or breakouts. This cleanser will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh, no matter the season or climate.

It consists of hand-pick ingredients with plant-based origins to provide an earth-friendly alternative for people that want a chemical free lifestyle but still want high quality products. They do not use any soap, detergents, synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals or palm oil. They pride on using the highest quality ingredients, so you can have a healthy and all-natural skin care product.


Tone your way to youthful glow in just five minutes a day. It has long been used for its anti-aging benefits, but there are other qualities as well: it’s cheap and easy to perform at home without having a professional do it!

If you’re looking to tone your skin, than go with one of the highly recommended toner which is Aloe Vera and Jasmine Calming Toner (Vikarah Holistic Beauty Rituals)

Aloe Vera helps with irritated and flaky skin, while cucumber functions as an astringent to tighten pores and reduce redness.

This toner is one of the most popular toners in India! It comes at a great price too! Formulated with 80% propolis extract, this toner helps with infections, inflammation, acne and aging. The watery consistency makes it easy to apply on the skin without any irritation or stickiness.

The Indian alcohol-free liquid formula is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. The perfect number of antioxidants are packed into this product to help improve your overall health from inside out.

3.Treating With Serums:

Luscious lips are something we can care for and nurture. Keeping our lips moisturized and hydrated is perfect for them. Dry lips can make us look older than our true age, since they can look cracked and dry from within. Moisturize your lips with Softening Lips Serum from Coffee (Do You)

It helps to hydrate the skin, which is what will allow you to avoid it cracking or cracking more easily. With softening Orange Lips Serum that has been clinically proven to give you a natural wrinkle-free beautiful smile, you are able to look like your old self once again!

4.Eye cream:

There are few other areas of the body that need specialized care as much, it’s vital to use a specially formulated eye cream that works with your individual skin type and eye shape.

As we get older, our skin loses firmness and elasticity. The best way to avoid this is to use Mamaearth Under Eye Crème with Cucumber and Caffeine for Dark Circle.

This eye crème provides a rich, comforting cream that leaves your eyes hydrated and refreshed. It contains cucumber, which is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. This helps to protect cells from free radical damage.

Called “a must-have for every woman,” our eye crème helps to provide relief from dark circles and bags under your eyes caused by puffiness by reducing swelling with cucumber extract as well as combating free radicals that cause wrinkles and age spots on the skin surface.


Moisturizing your skin can be one of the best things you do for yourself and with so many benefits that come with it, it would be impossible not to make this a routine.

It is a vital part of any skincare regimen and the first step to getting beautiful skin. As we believe that your skin deserves the best so we suggest you use Nourishing Coconut Butter Body Lotion (Globus Naturals).

This nourishing body lotion is made from all natural ingredients with absolutely no nasty chemicals, fragrances or parabens. It will restore your skin to its natural beauty and make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. It is a blend of nourishing, healing and moisturising ingredients that can help to reduce the appearance of ageing and wrinkles to give you younger looking skin.

If you’re looking for a high quality, natural moisturiser that isn’t going to break your bank balance then look no further than Globus Naturals Nourishing Coconut Butter Body Lotion’s natural all-in-one anti-aging moisturiser.


Summer days are hot, and they might just be hotter in a few years thanks to global warming. With that said, sunscreen is one of those things you should keep in your bag no matter what time of year. Whether it’s protecting yourself from roasting from the sun or preventing skin cancer and wrinkles later on in life, it’s always a good idea to slather on the SPF. The Wild Organic SPF 50 is a sun safe lotion that protects your skin as well as smells good to refresh and calm your senses. One such lotion would be the Wild Organic SPF 50 Sunscreen! With a long-lasting smell and fair pricing, it won’t leave your wallet feeling empty or your skin unprotected.